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Four out of every ten Swiss wears a bike helmet

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:01-12-2008

The number of Swiss wearing a bike helmet is steadily increasing, according to BPA, the Swiss organisation for the prevention of accidents. In 2008 38% of Swiss cyclists wore a helmet, twice as much as in 1999.

  • This year BPA conducted a study demonstrating that increasing numbers of Swiss put on a bike helmet of their own accord. For years BPA has been organising publicity campaigns to encourage the wearing of helmets. In 1999 a mere 18% wore a helmet. Since that time helmets are not only worn during leisure activities, but also during the daily commute to school or the office. If it were up to BPA, helmets would be obligatory for children. In the age group up to 14 years helmet use is currently at 50 per cent.


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Four out of every ten Swiss wears a bike helmet

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