Zwolle deploys bike roundabout

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:23-08-2012

Zwolle is the first municipality in Holland that has deployed a bike roundabout onto a cycling pathway. This should help regulate traffic at the intersection with a busy access road.

  • Just east of the Zwolle city centre, a main cycling route crosses a busy access road carrying automobile traffic. The solution to this traffic puzzle is a cycling roundabout where the central path is reserved for motorists. Cyclist can use the entire roundabout (the red path in the picture) while automobiles can only drive straight through or turn right (onto the grey path).
    In order to arrive at the right solution, traffic specialists and users came together. Various interest groups and experts worked together to produce a scale model so as to study the dimensions and the viewing angles. Monitoring the use of this roundabout is interesting for Zwolle and other Dutch cities since the information obtained can be used for the deployment of other bike roundabouts in Zwolle and other cities. A baseline measurement will be taken, after which regular traffic studies will be conducted during the coming year.

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Zwolle deploys bike roundabout

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