Virtual bike path

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:18-02-2009

For the time being it is merely an idea of an American innovation company: a virtual bike path constructed with laser light. And it will probably never become reality. But it does emphasise the vulnerable position of cyclists in the US.

The laser system projects a bicycle lane on top of the existing road surface. That will provide more security to cyclists in the dark of night, according to the designers. Thereby indicating that the solution will only be active at night. Here the cyclist will not be adapting to the bike path, but the bike path to the cyclist, state Alex Tee and Evan Gant of Altitude. It is not quite clear how the system will work, but apparently the bike path will be projected from beneath the saddle of the bicycle in motion, making the bike path follow the cyclist, in a way. Anyhow, the idea has contributed in a small way to generating renewed interest in cyclists’ safety in the US.

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