The Eindhoven Hovenring has opened

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:06-08-2012

In Eindhoven, pedestrians and cyclists can make use of the Hovenring, a floating bicycle roundabout above the busy Heerbaan. Developed by ipv Delft, this noteworthy bridge with its slender deck, imposing pylon and a diameter of 72 metres is a new landmark in the City of Light (so named because that&'s where Philips began). Also in the evening, for then the bridge is illuminated.

The steel bridge floats like a flying saucer above the Heerbaan/Meerenakkerweg (Heistraat) intersection and marks the entrance to Eindhoven with its striking pylon.
The bridge consists of a 70-metre high pylon, 24 tethers, and a circularly shaped bridge surface completely made of steel. A ballast ring is attached to the inside, while tethers are attached precisely to the centre of gravity of the bridge deck to keep it in balance.
One of the design challenges was the placement of the bicycle access ramps. There was limited space available, owing to existing construction and infrastructure but the bike ramps had to present a pleasant slope to cyclists. This is why the intersection was sunk into the ground so as to reduce the height that cyclists had to overcome by a metre and a half. The illumination is built into the circularly shaped bridge deck. The space between the ballast ring and the bridge deck is fitted with aluminium slats, transparent plates and fluorescent lighting, so that a ring of light is visible in the evening. In addition to this decorative lighting, the bridges handrail is fitted with LED lights. This illuminates the bridge deck and supplies enough light at eye-level to make travellers on the Hovenring feel safe.

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The Eindhoven Hovenring has opened

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