New cycling traffic model under development

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:22-04-2013

How many cyclists would take a short cut? And how much faster will cyclists travel if for instance waiting times at traffic lights would be shorter? Regional authorities in Utrecht are collaborating with the Cyclists Union and universities to develop a reliable cycling traffic model.

Traffic models predict for instance how new roads will influence traffic congestion and travel times. These models have already existed for motorised traffic for a while, but there is no suitable model for cyclists yet. Part of the reason is that one has to deal with small alleyways and unknown short cuts. Investigations are under way to see if data from the Cyclists' Union can be combined with a cycling traffic model of Finnish origin. The route planner issued by the Cyclists' Union also indicates small short cuts. Preliminary results are expected by the summer.

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