RFID tag allows rewarding cyclists

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  • Datum:25-07-2011

The U.S. company Dero has recently introduced a product to count cyclists. Unlike existing counters, the Dero counter employs an RFID tag. That means that individual cyclists can be recognized, providing possibilities for reward systems, for instance.

The idea to use RFID tags to record cyclists is not new. Recently this approach has already been suggested in the competition for ideas on the prospective bicycle highway RijnWaalpad. The American company provides a ready-made solution which is being used in some American universities, according to its Dutch representative.
The RFID tag can be fixed to anything, not only to a bicycle itself, but for instance also to a (child) helmet. The administrator links the tag to a person by means of a web-based interface.
The receiver is located in a container the size of a shoebox, which is fixed to a mast together with a solar panel. The aim is to place one or more receivers at strategic locations. As soon as a bicycle with an RFID tag passes, it records the cyclist.
Cyclists may log on to the website at home or at the office to track their performance. The administrator can also see the cyclists’ performance and link this to a reward system.
According to the manufacturer other applications lie ahead, for instance for supermarkets eager to reward their customers who cycle to the shop.

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RFID tag allows rewarding cyclists

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