Peering eyes reduce bicycle theft by halff

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:17-10-2013

Research conducted by the University of Newcastle shows that the number of bicycle thefts went down by more than half after posters with peering eyes were hung up.

Experiments were done at the university campus using posters that not only showed peering eyes but also carried a terse warning. The number of thefts dropped by 62%. But in areas without posters, the number of bicycle thefts went up by 63%. According to researchers this could mean that the number bicycle thefts did not so much decrease in postered locations, as had been transferred to posterless locations. Nevertheless, the results are so encouraging as to advocate extending the trial to cover the entire municipality.
Researches previously conducted a similar experiment with peering eyes in a tea room with a jar for tips. Tips went up threefold thanks to the peering poster. And people also removed their food trays if “eyes” peered at them.
The English rail police is in the meantime also experimenting with this approach.

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Peering eyes reduce bicycle theft by halff

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