Parking at a bargain

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:27-10-2009

A bicycle locker for approximately 300 Euro. Or a closed bicycle shed for a dozen bicycles for less than 2000 Euro. These are the prices that are used to get employers to invest in bicycle facilities in the Belgian town of Hasselt.

  • The low price is possible because the town provides a 50 per cent subsidy. Not just on the purchase of (folding) bicycles, but also on lockers, bicycle sheds and numerous accessories. Moreover, all investments are for 120 per cent tax-deductible. Almost 60% of employees in the Hasselt region lives less than 10 kilometres from work. With this so-called I Bike I Move project Hasselt, together with Vlaams Instituut voor Mobiliteit (VIM) and Industriegroep Hasselt, intends to motivate at least 1000 employees to commute to work by bicycle. For this purpose almost 1.5 million Euro has been allotted. In addition to a low-cost bicycle employees will receive an allowance for each kilometre cycled. By means of an online cycling community cyclists may share experiences from 2010 onwards, download interesting routes and save up for cycling accessories. In Hasselt companies like Arcadis and Carglass are participating in this programme. See also:

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