Junction node network used by 13% of cyclists

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:16-05-2013

49% of the Dutch population (over 8 million people) cycle for pleasure. This amounts to a yearly total of 167 million domestic cycling trips. In 13% of all cycling trips, the junction node network is used.

  • The cycling junction network works by assigning unique one- or two-digit numbers to path intersections. It is a new regional network developed within the past 10 years by the Dutch National Cycling Platform.

    In 2012, 11% of all domestic holidays in Holland were cycling holidays. This involved 670,000 Dutch citizens who enjoyed 900,000 separate domestic holidays from April to September of 2012. Those 55 and over make the most cycling trips (49% of all cycling trips) and cycling holidays (72% of all cycling holidays) while the higher the income, the greater the number of participants taking recreational cycling trips. Cycling holidays are popular among the Dutch of all social classes, and cycling treks are taken relatively frequently by Dutch citizens from the highest social circles.
    The average distance travelled during a recreational jaunt is about 20.4 kilometres and a cycling junction node network is used in 13% of all cycling trips. In recent years, less recreational cycling trips have been made and the number of cycling holidays has diminished somewhat. The decrease was 4 to 5 % in the previous season as compared to the season prior to that.

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Junction node network used by 13% of cyclists

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