Groningen gives cyclist the green light more often when it rains

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:17-12-2012

In the city of Groningen, new traffic lights are fitted with a rain sensor. The sensor equiped lights will grant cyclists a passage more frequently in rain or snow. This was decided following the positive evaluation of a trial.

The trial done during the last few months with the rain sensor at the Oosterbrug intersection elicited many positive responses, according to the municipality. Not only cyclists gave positive responses, but others did as well. The rain sensor did not lead to significantly longer waiting times for the non-cycling travellers, nor dit it produce jams or stagnation. No complaints were received from the police or public transport companies.
Fitting new traffic lights with the rain sensor initially is cheaper than doing it later. The costs for subsequently fitting a rain sensor to an operating light are about € 10,000. This is because software modifications may be required and hardware has to be purchased. There is one exception preventing the placement of the rain sensor. It cannot be placed when the particular traffic light is part of a so-called “network traffic control” - meaning that different traffic lights are linked together to operate as a network e.g. for a “green wave”. Modifying one such traffic light may disrupt the entire network.

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Groningen gives cyclist the green light more often when it rains

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