Gent is pushing cargo bikes

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:26-09-2013

Cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular in Belgian Gent. They are not only being subsidized by the municipality, but a shared cargo bicycle project is also being launched.

Within the framework of the project entitled 'Wijk aan Zet' (“The Ball is in the Neighbourhood's Court”), residents can register to participate in initiatives for improving the quality of life. In this way, the residents of the Gent Rabot district made use of this initiative by setting up a shared cargo bike project. As with the shared car, the shared cargo bicycle can be booked online for 2 Euros per session. One has to first become a member for 30 Euros per year, but that contribution is also subsidised.
Residents that wish to purchase their own cargo bicycle also qualify for a subsidy. This inducement made 24 families acquire such a bicycle during the first couple of months of this year. The cargo bicycles can also be rented for a trial run. The scheme has been recently opened to companies, which can as a result qualify for a 400 Euro subsidy towards the purchase of such a bicycle.

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Gent is pushing cargo bikes

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