Forgiving asphalt

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:30-07-2013

The Swedish Royal Institute of Technology is developing an asphalt that can absorb much of the impact when a cyclist hits the road. Instead of gravel and bitumen, rubber is a significant component of the asphalt mix.

We have come across this kind of surface in playgrounds, and it is also used in hospitals as a softer floor to mitigate the consequences of a fall. The Swedes are playing with the idea of laying a top layer of soft asphalt on cycling paths in order to reduce the number of cycling victims.
Single vehicle accidents are a matter of concern in Sweden, as they are in the Netherlands. The researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology are currently testing how much rubber from recycled car tires you need to produce a bike-friendly asphalt mix. The search is not only for the mix that yields a softer surface, but one that also offers sufficient (frictional) grip for bike tires. The research institute also thinks that such an asphalt layer would lead to less wear and tear of bike tires.

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