Cyclists help municipalities locate the hazardous spots

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:28-10-2013

The residents of 8 municipalities in the province of North Brabant can report hazardous spots on bike paths via the special website. They can view the reports made by other cyclists and also, if they so wish, endorse these reports by voting for them. Based on the reports, the municipality can judge which bottlenecks need urgent treatment. Other municipalities can also use the website.

The web tool used for the purpose was developed by CROW-Fietsberaad. Previously, the and sites were introduced in order to have citizens participate in cycling policy, and specially in dealing with single bicycle accidents.

With the latest web tool in the series, CROW Fietsberaad wants to provide a tool to help municipalities locate hazardous spots that are not made manifest by the regular traffic accident registration process. This lapse will occur, for example, if a police officer is not present at the accident site.

Because cyclists know, as a result of their daily cycling routine, which spots are hazardous, they are invited by the Brabant municipality to share their experiences on the website. The exact location of a hazardous spot can be pinpointed by placing a tab or marker on a website map. Cyclists can report on bollards and obstacles, unclear markings and signs, slipperiness, shoulders and curbs, poor road surface, narrow paths, street lighting, absence of a cycling path, and ambiguous or dangerous situations. .

Other municipalities interested in making use of the CROW-Fietsberaad web tool can do so at cost.

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Cyclists help municipalities locate the hazardous spots

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