Cable-lift for cyclists

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:06-04-2010

No funds for a bridge, yet there was a troublesome bottleneck in the Fulda cycling route near Malsfeld in Germany. Cyclists had to follow the hilly and rather dangerous route for cars in order to reach the other bank of the river Fulda. This was solved by constructing a cable-lift specifically for cyclists.

  • Piles on either side of the river connect an approximately 50 metre-long cable bearing a sort of transport cage. This accommodates four cyclists and bicycles. The contraption is powered by hand. Drive wheels are located both on the banks and inside the transport cage. The cabin is suspended two metres above the water during the crossing and may be used from April to November during daylight hours. It is the cyclists’ responsibility to make sure no boats are crossing. The cage is equipped with an emergency button to call for assistance if necessary. The solution – at a cost of € 134,000 – turns out to be not merely practical, but cyclists also see this as an adventurous break in their bicycle trip; it appeals in particular to children.

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Cable-lift for cyclists

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