Bicycle in exchange for a parking space

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:16-09-2008

A bicycle or a parking space. Employees of Leuven University and supermarket chain Colruyt in Belgium have a choice. Both organisations provide free bicycles to their staff. On condition that the parking space for the car is surrendered.

  • The bicycles of the Leuven Catholic University - seven gears, standard blue and with company logo - are maintained by the university. They come in three types: male, female and folding. The idea is to use the bicycle for everyday commuting and local business trips. The name of the project: 2WD, is the Belgian acronym for Commute-Business. However, the bicycle may also be used outside office hours. Bicycles remain property of the university, with the added advantage employees will not be taxed on account of ‘payment in kind'. The first bicycle was handed over last May. Costs for this project are met in part by the University. The Flemish Pendelfonds contributes half a million Euro over four years. This organisation subsidises projects aimed at reducing the number of car movements, among these are a remarkable number of bicycle projects. This includes the Bike to Work project at the supermarket chain Colruyt. Staff are offered a free bicycle in exchange for surrendering a parking space. Over 1000 employees have already signed up for this scheme. According to Colruyt 63 per cent of requests are from people who did not cycle to work before.

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Bicycle in exchange for a parking space

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