Apeldoorn tests system to bar mopeds from tunnel

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:30-03-2010

The underpass for pedestrians and cyclists underneath the Apeldoorn Central Station, opened in 2007, has recently been equipped with a system to bar mopeds. As the system detects the sound of a moped, a picture is taken of the number plate and the driver will receive a ticket by mail.

This is an approximately 90 metre-long underpass connecting Apeldoorn-Noord and Apeldoorn-Zuid. There are sunken squares on either end of the underpass. The underpass is an integral part of the station environment. The reason for barring mopeds is local authorities’ fear that the large differences in speed may cause dangerous traffic situations. In addition, the resounding mopeds sometimes scare other traffic participants stiff. Moreover, this is an attempt to reduce nuisance for residents on the approach routes. There are plenty of alternatives, anyway. Mopeds may also use the underpasses meant for cars. This is the first time this type of system is employed.
Development of the system therefore required a lot of effort. Numerous technical and legal problems had to be solved along the way. For instance, the system should be able to link the sound of a particular moped to the number plate of the same moped, which may be difficult when two mopeds pass at the same time. And the number plate – much smaller than a car’s – should be recognised by the scanning software.
After elaborate tests Apeldoorn local authorities, supported by the Public Prosecutor, decided the system was sufficiently reliable. The Prosecutor did however stipulate that in addition a system for aggression detection should be installed, ensuring a broad approach to social unsafety in the area. Should anyone be harassed in the underpass, yelling will activate camera’s and a signal will sound in the emergency room, notifying people there is something amiss in the underpass.
The complete system costs approximately €250,000, a third of which was spent on wiring. According to the first reports some 20 to 50 mopeds are caught each day.

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Apeldoorn tests system to bar mopeds from tunnel

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