Traffic Crossing of the Future

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:30-03-2015

An almost real-life demonstration shows how special sensors can be used to warn drivers of cyclists suddenly and unexpectedly crossing the road.

  • The demonstration took place at the Automative Campus in Helmond (Eindhoven region) on an existing road junction, which had been cordoned off for this occasion.

    The crossing of the future uses radar equipment to detect the presence of cyclists (in this case it was a dummy). The information is relayed through a dedicated Wifi network. The approaching car picks up the signal even before the cyclist is visible to the driver, and will then slow down automatically. The purpose of the demonstration is to show that wireless communication between cars, cyclists and the road itself can make a significant contribution to traffic safety. In comparison to a system using only sensors attached to the car, this system allows earlier detection of the cyclist.

    Wireless communication can also be used to achieve the opposite result: warning cyclists of oncoming cars. To this end, a specially equipped bike will be developed. The proximity of other vehicles will be communicated by vibrations in the saddle or the handlebars.

  • We werken aan een nieuwe reactiemodule. Het plaatsen van reacties is daardoor tijdelijk uitgeschakeld.

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Traffic Crossing of the Future

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