The fast cyclist is often well educated and cycles more than 10 km to work

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:30-05-2013

A comparison of cycling routes where fast cycling paths must still be constructed, using data from existing fast cycling paths, shows that there are still benefits to be gained by the deployment of fast cycling routes.

Data obtained from over 2800 cyclists was included in the research. In addition to the fast cycling route between the municipality of Breda and the municipality of Etten-Leur, surveys were done in the routes where fast cycling paths must still be deployed: Rotterdam-Dordrecht, Arnhem-Nijmegen, and Haarlem-Amsterdam.
Preliminary conclusions indicate that the existing Breda-Etten Leur fast cycling route scores on the whole better than the routes that must still be deployed. The scoring took into account aspects such as the quality of the road surface, attractiveness of the surroundings, lighting, signage, and traffic lights.
A number of figures also emerged from the survey, concerning the current use of the various cycling routes with many commuting cyclists. A large majority usually, if not always, cycles to work. A smaller group of respondents sometimes cycles to work. Most respondents are relatively well educated, usually work at the same location, and are relatively old. One in six cycles up to 10 kilometres to work, a quarter cycle between 11 and 15 kilometres, and 15% of respondents cycle more than 15 kilometres. These trips generally take the cyclists from 15 minutes to three quarters of an hour. It is noteworthy that infrequent cyclists have a more negative cycling experience than those who always or usually cycle. 60% of cyclists say that the fast cycling lane beats public transport as regards speed. 30% say that it beats car transport. Health is the main reason for cycling according to the results of the research.

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The fast cyclist is often well educated and cycles more than 10 km to work

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