Start of a pilot project for fast bikeway direction signs

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  • Datum:22-05-2014

In May 2014, the Arnhem Nijmegen urban area will embark on a pilot project for direction signs on fast bikeways in the municipalities Overbetuwe, Beuningen, Duiven and Nijmegen-Noord.

These purple coloured signposts will appear in different shapes and sizes in a number of locations. The pilot will test whether cyclists appreciate the new signs and what their definite appearance on all fast bikeways in the region should be. If the test is successful, the signs will be high on the list for use in other regions.

Pilot starts at the end of May
The new direction signs are being specially developed for bikeways: direct and uninterrupted, high-quality bike routes offering cyclists priority wherever possible. In the pilot, the first signs will be placed on the Rhine Waal track between Arnhem and Nijmegen, the Liemers between Arnhem and Zevenaar and the southern part of the Nijmegen-Beuningen bikeway. The pilot will test both high and low versions of the signs.

Online survey and assessment
User opinions will be collected by surveys to be placed on the fast bikeways’ websites. An important aim of the signs is to improve the awareness and visibility of these bikeways and to make it easier for cyclists to find their way. Results for the pilot are expected at the end of the summer. The parties in the project will then assess the outcome and make a final decision on the appearance of the signs on all fast bikeways. They will also prepare a house style manual.

Distinctive purple signs
To improve the visibility of the bikeways, the direction signs will have several distinctive features. The purple coloured signs will carry a bikeway logo, as well as the name of the route in question.
According to Sjors van Duren, the fast bikeway project manager for the Arnhem-Nijmegen urban area, ‘this will allow a cyclist to know when he is on a bikeway, so that he can ride on in comfort and without interruption’.

Fast bikeways
The Arnhem Nijmegen urban area, towns in the region, provinces and other parties have joined forces to lay out several fast bikeways. Fast bikeways offer direct bike connections with little or no interruption. The fast bikeways are of a high quality and connect (large) residential areas with work locations.

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Start of a pilot project for fast bikeway direction signs

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