Red carpet treatment in Zwolle

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:21-07-2010

Following the Groningen example, Zwolle will have a red carpet as well. At an inner-city shopping centre the red carpet is meant to prevent parked bicycles blocking entrances.

Groningen has demonstrated that the red carpet makes cyclists parking their bicycles more aware of the existence of a pedestrian zone. When the entrance to the shopping centre remains free of bicycles that is easier and safer for (handicapped) visitors of the town centre. If necessary the emergency services can manage much better, too, without encountering bicycles parked all over the place, according to local authorities. Zwolle also hopes this measure will result in better use by cyclists of the available bicycle parking facilities in the Zwolle town centre. In recent years much has been spent on the provision of hundreds of extra parking spaces in the shopping area. In addition there is a considerable number of guarded bicycle parking facilities in the Zwolle town centre. Over the next two years it will become clear whether red carpets may provide additional incentives in regulating obnoxiously parked bicycles in the town.

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Red carpet treatment in Zwolle

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