Rate your bike path on the way to work

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:24-12-2012

Cyclists from around Brussels and Gent can use a new App to rate the bike paths on their way to work as well as to report bottlenecks. All cyclists can tap into this information, e.g. to adapt their cycling route accordingly.

The idea behind the App is not entirely new. In Maryland, U.S.A., public transport travellers can rate the quality of their trip using a similar App. The cycling variant of this App was developed for the Belgian ‘Bike to Work’ project that the Cycling Council launched to further commuting by bike.
Users of Rate your Ride download the Android App onto their mobile phone. After registering for a ‘Bike to Work’ account, they can plan a route. During the ride, App participants can indicate any road works or blockages along the way. At the destination, the participant assignes a number of stars as a rating of the ride. The ratings and bottlenecks end up on a map on www.biketowork.be which indicates high quality routes and routes one is advised to avoid. While en route, the App will show the distance travelled and the speed. By using the App, the ‘Bike To Work’ participant collects ‘cycle points’ every day, which he can later swap for reduction coupons and similar benefits. Rate your Ride was sponsored by the Flemish ministery of Mobility and Public Works. The first regions chosen as a pilot for the App are Brussels and Gent.

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Rate your bike path on the way to work

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