OV-fiets focus of attention in Vancouver

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:02-03-2010
After winning a gold medal in skating, Sven Kramer signed his name on the gold OV-fiets in Vancouver. This is one of many events where OV-fiets manages to attract plenty of attention.

  • OV-fiets is the Dutch rental bike system, used in particular from train stations to the final destination. In Vancouver a temporary OV-fiets facility had been provided with 400 bicycles. During the Olympics Dutch supporters and participants could use these bicycles free of charge to travel between the Holland Heineken House and the Olympic Oval. The Canadian town of Richmond, near Vancouver – where the Holland Heineken House and Olympic skating facilities were located – joined in as well. In cooperation with the Dutch consulate a bike ride for residents was organised on OV-fiets bikes, with the slogan Go Green, Go Dutch, Go Bike! In addition OV-fiets donated 25 children’s bicycles to Richmond local authorities.


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OV-fiets focus of attention in Vancouver

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