More green lights for Brabant cyclists

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:24-08-2009

When it is cold and rainy cyclists will be favoured with longer green lights in several locations in Brabant. Provincial authorities have decided to implement the positive results of an experiment in Grave.

Over the next few years all relevant traffic lights in the province will be modified. The idea of this green light scheme is that with rain, a temperature below 10 degrees Celsius or with minimal car traffic cyclists will receive two or three times per cycle a green light, instead of once only. In order to ascertain weather conditions, a rain sensor and thermometer have been linked to the traffic light system. Provincial authorities manage 85 traffic light systems overall. A number of these do not possess bicycle crossing facilities. In addition a number of regulated intersections will be transferred to other authorities or turned into roundabouts. This means that the remainder, 39 locations, will be modified over the next few years.

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More green lights for Brabant cyclists

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