Japan focuses on mega-parking facilities

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:12-01-2010

Kasai railway station in Tokyo has the largest automated bicycle parking in the world. Underground carousels provide room for 6480 bicycles. But elsewhere similar parking facilities occur as well, with room for some 1000 bicycles.

  • The parking facilities have been developed by the Japanese steel company JFE which has to date produced nearly a dozen. The system is characterised by speed and ease of use, according to the manufacturer. In order to use the parking facilities bicycles need to be provided with a tag allowing orderly storage and speedy retrieval of the bicycle. The bicycle is positioned in a stand, the smart card is read and the bicycle disappears within seconds. Retrieval is just as easy: after reading the smart card the bicycle is available within 30 seconds.
    The first so-called Bicycle tree was put into use in 2006. The underground parking facilities at Kasai station consist of 10 carousels stacked on top of each other, each accommodating 18 bicycles. Overall there are 36 of these. By now automated systems have appeared above ground as well. Parking a bicycle costs approximately 20 dollars a month.

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Japan focuses on mega-parking facilities

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