Go Pedelec! draws attention to electric bicycle technology

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  • Datum:20-09-2012

Electric Bikes and social cohesion; electric bikes and tourism; health and the electric bike. These are some of the themes embraced by the “Go Pedelec” EU-project. But most of the attention is devoted to the technological aspects of the electric bike, including the establishment of a network of charging stations.

  • “Go Pedelec” is an EU-project whose participants and partners are the cities of Utrecht, Graz, Stuttgart and a number of organisations dedicated to sustainable energy use. The aim of the project is to promote the electric bike among consumers as well as municipal governments.
    The www.gopedelec.eu website’s download page gives access to a number of brochures describing case stories in various countries and advocating use of the electric bike.
    Much attention is paid to the environmental aspects of the electric bike – such as, on the one hand, the lower energy consumption as compared to the automobile, and on the other hand, concerns about the use and disposal of batteries. There is also much information on the possible establishment of a network of charging stations, often proposed as being integrated into bike parking racks which can also serve as bike safety locks. Much of this information is gathered in the GoPedelec Handbook.

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Go Pedelec draws attention to electric bicycle technology

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