Flying start for public transport rental bike in Hamburg

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:15-12-2009

The rental bike system introduced by the German railways in Hamburg in mid-2009 is off to a flying start. In a few months well over 200.000 trips have been made.

  • StadtRAD began early in July 2009 with 67 rental stations, increasing to some 100, with 1000 bicycles in all by late 2009. Management rests with the German railway company (DB). Rental stations are located at many S- and U-Bahn-stations in the town and the major residential neighbourhoods, industrial estates and tourist attractions.
    Renting a bicycle is similar to most other systems. Data are entered into a computer terminal, the screen displays a code allowing the subsequent unlocking of a bicycle.
    The first thirty minutes are free, afterwards charges are 4 cents a minute, after 61 minutes this is increased to 8 cents a minute. One hour of cycling comes to € 1,20. Owners of public transport passes pay 3 and 6 cents a minute respectively. The data after 100 days – late October 2009 – indicate that 33,000 customers had made over 223,000 trips by that time.

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Flying start for public transport rental bike in Hamburg

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