Cyclist will tolerate small detours in exchange for comfort

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  • Datum:26-08-2013

We all know that cyclists don&'t like detours, but a good cycling path is worth the effort. Danish researchers have investigated to what extent cyclists will go for the extra cycling comfort.

  • To this end they used data obtained from GPS-measurements and from cyclists themselves when asked about their preferences. The study being conducted by researcher Thomas A. Sick Nielsen is still ongoing but preliminary results show that the distance travelled during an average cycling trip is 5.4 km and lasts 22.4 minutes. The average speed is 14.4 km/h.
    Cyclists have a clear preference for a straight connection. Given a choice, they would rather turn (in mainland Europe) to the right than to the left. To avoid a left turn they are willing to take an 85-metre detour as opposed to a 50-metre detour for avoiding a right turn.
    Cyclists also prefer cycling paths. For that they are willing to pedal that extra bit: up to 1.8 extra kilometres in order to reach an uninterrupted cycling path. In order to avoid busy cycling paths and traffic lights, a 400-metre detour is not asking much. In general, all of this applies somewhat more strongly for women than for men.

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Cyclist will tolerate small detours in exchange for comfort

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