Chile changes to bicycles

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:27-10-2008

Climate change and high fuel prices have made cycling popular in Chile. The country is busy realising bike paths, parking facilities and a plan for renting bikes. In this way the percentage of cycling should gradually increase.

Local authorities of the Santiago metropolis unveiled in 2007 a plan to construct 690 kilometres of bike paths before 2012. Approximately 550 kilometres of bike paths will be within urban areas, the remainder is rural. Construction costs will come to over 28 million Euro. Bicycle parking facilities will be realised as well. Currently a mere 2 per cent of all transport in Santiago occurs by bicycle. When good bike paths and parking facilities are available, this may increase by at least 8 per cent, studies have shown. In the Santiago district of Providencia the first public bike rental system will be launched in November. Within the Providencia borders people may use a bicycle for a maximum of one hour, at a price of 1,50 Euro a month. Overall one hundred bicycles will be placed at ten locations in Providencia for this purpose.

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Chile changes to bicycles

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