Blind spot stickers for trucks

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:13-10-2014

The federation of Dutch Transport and Logistics employers, is hoping that the introduction of a blind spot sticker will help reduce the number of accidents involving trucks turning right or left.&

  • The sticker has been designed to help cyclists determine the safest place behind a truck when at a traffic light. That safe spot is some way behind the truck, to its right and not alongside, because there it is possible that the driver will not notice the cyclist when about to turn right.

    The sticker measures 42.5 by 44 centimetres and should be stuck on the back of the truck. More than 500 firms have requested more than 11,500 sticker tags, to be stuck on the back of their trucks.

    The sticker campaign is a sequel to the Veilig op Weg (Safety on the Roads) programme, which aims to inform primary school pupils about trucks and their blind spot. Just recently, the 17th year of the Safety on the Roads campaign ended with a record number of school visits. 50,000 pupils, from close to 1,300 primary schools, learnt that staying to the right of, and at least 3 meters behind, a truck makes them most clearly visible.

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Blind spot stickers for trucks

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