Birdsong in the tunnel of the future

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:12-07-2012

“Which birdsong do you hear?” is the question posed by a matrix sign at the entrance of a bicycle tunnel. The answer is given at the end of the tunnel: a blackbird. This is an example of that which PleasantPass has in mind, and PleasantPass is a company that wants to spruce up bicycle and pedestrian tunnels.

‘This concerns a company founded by Pieter Jan Stallen, professor of applied psychology and visual artist. A socio-technical innovation, an interactive system binding tunnel and the tunnel visitor so that walk or ride through the tunnel becomes more pleasant and feelings of anxiety are removed’ – according to the brochure.
In addition to this simple application, more possibilities are imaginable. The base configuration can be extended with a personalisation module. Those who have Bluetooth enabled on their cell phones are greeted with a personal welcome at the entrance of the tunnel. These tunnel passages can also issue credits allowing cyclists, who have registered with the tunnel website, to upload text-image / audio-text combinations intended for friends who will later pass through the tunnel. Those who wish to ride undisturbed can do so by crossing markings that demarcate zones out of range of the tunnel sensors.
The idea behind PleasantPass was already present in the RijnWaalpad proposals concerning a cycling route in the East of Holland near Arnhem. Plans to apply the concept to the Weg van de Toekomst (Way of the Future) tunnel in Oss are more concrete. This new path – presently under construction – will be fitted with all manner of technical findings in which sustainability plays an important role.

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Birdsong in the tunnel of the future

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