Bike bridge is also an evening eye-catcher

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:23-07-2012

A bridge that is pretty to behold by day, but also a marvel to behold in the evening. That&'s what can be said of the new bike and pedestrian bridge by the Venlo Massboulevard.

The prefab concrete bridge spans 77 metres and is 5.5 metres wide. According to the designers (the ipv Delft design bureau), the good looks of the Weerdsprong were inspired by Venlo’s Roman past, Venlo being Holland’s oldest Roman settlement. Its arches are a modern rendition of the Roman arched bridge.
By day, the bridge is a clean, white showpiece which in the evening sports an illuminated balustrade. To achieve this effect, the wooden banister is fitted with LED lighting which illuminates the road surface as well as the self-supporting glass balustrade. Each glass panel is individually lit and the brightness can be adjusted remotely. In this way each panel can display a different colour and one can, for instance, make one colour fade into the next or make the bridge brightly coloured for festive occasions. Foil in the glass panels ensures uniform illumination of the entire panel surface.

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Bike bridge is also an evening eye-catcher

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