Bicycles more often in parking garage

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:23-11-2009

Most local authorities remain silent when asked why the new parking garage and bicycle parking have not been combined. ‘Never thought of that&', they often reply. Niek Bosch of Goudappel Coffeng consultants discovered this to his own amazement when surveying a number of towns.

Yet there is a slow increase in the number of towns that exchange car parking space for bicycle parking, according to Bosch. Local authorities in Almelo, for instance, recently sacrificed 20 car spaces in a albeit moderately used parking garage, in exchange for 300 bicycle parking spaces. In parking garage Wolvenhoek in Den Bosch even two complete floors were made available to cyclists, 600 places in all. And in Breda the Concordia parking garage yielded 39 car parking spaces to make room for 432 bicycle parking spaces. Also in Breda 380 bicycle parking spaces have been implemented right from the start in the new Turfschipgarage.
Room has been made for a number of years in the parking garage beneath the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. According to Bosch these are mainly used for Park & Bike. In his opinion the difficulties of combining cars and bicycles turn out less than anticipated. Quite often the stumbling block is the incline of the entrance. For cars this is often some 20 degrees, whereas cyclists balk at 10 degrees. ‘The NEN 2443 standard regulating everything surrounding parking garages in the Netherlands does allow bicycles in parking garages. However, usually a separate entrance for cyclists will have to be provided.’

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Bicycles more often in parking garage

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