All children cycle

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:15-09-2008

Alle Børn Cykler, meaning 'All children cycle'. That is the slogan of a successful Danish campaign to promote cycling among school-age children. Annually some 75 000 children participate.

The campaign is conducted each year in September. Schools all over Denmark participate. Every day that a child cycles to school during the week-long campaign, he or she receives a ticket. Wearing a helmet is also rewarded with a ticket. Parents may accompany their child by bicycle. At the end of the campaign the tickets are collected by the teacher and registered on the campaign website. The winners receive bicycles or bicycle accessories. Children living farther away may earn tickets by cycling to where public transport stops. There is no competition among children. It is the best school class that counts. Almost all Danish municipalities participate in the campaign. Overall 850 schools are involved with 114 000 children, 75 000 of whom actually get on their bicycles.

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