A pilot for registering traffic accidents by the victims themselves

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:30-09-2013

The province of Flevoland has launched a pilot project to determine if the victims of a traffic accident can be asked to personally register the details of the incident. The pilot gathers data provided by the victims during their treatment at the Accident & Emergency Rooms.

This is an initiative of the VIA consulting firm and the province of Flevoland in cooperation with the safety organization VeiligheidNL. The Ongeval.nu website was created to gather traffic accident data not registered by the police, so as to have the most complete overview possible of traffic safety in the region.
At the Accident & Emergency Room, every victim of a road traffic accident is given a uniquely coded card and is asked to enter details of the accident in the VeiligheidNL website. VeiligheidNL, which administers the LIS Letsel Informatie Systeem (“Injury Information System”), uses the these codes to assess the quality of the information entered. Victims of traffic accidents who are treated at the Accident & Emergency Room are, thanks to this provision, able to inform road authorities about what happened. VeiligheidNL claims to have good insight into the data provided by Accident & Emergency Rooms, but in order to improve preventive work at a regional level, more detailed information is needed on what exactly happened where during each accident.

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A pilot for registering traffic accidents by the victims themselves

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