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White paper 2017: Bike-sharing and the City

Mobike , Mobike

Bike-sharing: Making Cities More People-friendly

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This white paper is the first comprehensive nationwide study on bikesharing in China, and its impact on urban transport, traffic, and lifestyles. It was developed by Mobike with the support of the China New Urbanization Research Institute, which was established by the National Development and Reform Commission, and Tsinghua University, and published in association with the Beijing Tsinghua Tong Heng Planning and Design Institute.

Through quantitative and qualitative analysis of Mobike’s vast trove of travel data, as well as the results of a survey of 100,000 people across 36 cities in China, this report analyses how bikesharing is changing our cities. This white paper examines bikesharing’s influence on the urban environment and on improving standards of living, and its role in curbing pollution and saving energy. The study also looks at how individual users are taking advantage of the bikesharing revolution, and how their lifestyles are being transformed.

This research shows how, in less than a year, intelligent bikesharing has been hugely successful in bringing bikes back to China’s cities. In fact, this study has found that bikesharing is now the fourth most popular mode of transport after cars, buses, and the subway.


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