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  • Rapport
    The academic consultancy Transport & Mobility Leuven has carried out a study that quantifies the contribution of the cycling sector to job creation in Europe. 
  • Brochure
    General brochure about bicycle use and bicycle policy in the Netherlands.
  • Design example
    Amsterdam, Hugo de Groot Plein This busy traffic light controlled intersection was a blackspot until it was converted into a roundabout in 2007. Remarkably, a tramline crosses the roundabout through the middle. Since the redesign, the road safety has improved and the quality of the public space has improved. Commissioned by the city of Amsterdam MLAdvies made an evaluation about the functioning, the road safety and the perception of the roundabout.

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The Dutch Cycling Embassy is a public private partnership established to make the Dutch cycling expertise internationally available.
All partners of the Dutch Cycling Embassy are convinced that cycling can and must play a much larger role in (urban) transport for many good reasons; they offer their expertise, services and products to assist you in taking full advantage of the potential of cycling.
Fietsberaad is one of the founding partners of the Dutch Cycling Embassy.

The Dutch Cycling Embassy can help you:
- Find your way to information and contacts
- Organize a visit to the Netherlands
- Organize workshops etc. on bicycling

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CROW publications

Fietsberaad is part of CROW. CROW has issued several bicycle-related publications. Click here for an overview of the publications in English.


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