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What do cyclists need to see to avoid single-bicycle crashes?

Paul Schepers

Paper belonging to the presentation 'Test methods for active safety functions to avoid accidents between cars and bicycles' held during the International Cycling Safety Conference on November 7th and 8th by Jan Jacobson of SP.

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The number of single-bicycle crash victims is substantial in countries with high levels of cycling. To study the role of visual characteristics of the infrastructure, like pavement markings, in single-bicycle crashes, we conducted a study in two steps. In Study 1, we conducted a questionnaire study among bicycle crash victims (N=734). Logistic regression was used to study the relationship between the crashes and age, light condition, alcohol use, gaze direction, and familiarity with the crash scene. In Study 2, we used the Image Degrading & Edge Detection-method (IDED-method) to investigate the visual characteristics of twenty-one of the crash scenes. The results of the studies indicate that crashes, in which the cyclist collided with a bollard or road narrowing or rode off the road, were related to the visual characteristics of bicycle facilities. We recommend edge markings, especially in curves of bicycle tracks, and improved conspicuity of bollards.

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