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Pre- and Post Conference Activities - ICSC 2012


Prior to and after the ICSC 2012 two international cycling safety projects present their findings. The AsPeCSS-project organizes a workshop on the 7th of November from 9 am until 2.30 pm. Straight after the ICSC 2012 on November 8th the SaveCAP-project presents its results. These two cycling safety activities are free of charge and will also be held at the Automotive Campus in Helmond.

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The main goal of the AsPeCSS-project is to develop harmonized test and assessment procedures for forward looking integrated pedestrian safety systems and further extension to cyclist safety systems that can be used for consumer rating and regulatory purposes. As such the project is meant to stimulate wide spread introduction of these systems that have high potential to improve safety of pedestrians and, in case adequate detection technology becomes available, also for pedal cyclists.
The SaveCAP project focuses on the development and testing of vehicle systems for passenger cars, protecting cyclists and pedestrians in case of a crash. On the 8th of November SaveCAP will show its project results including a live demonstration of the prototypes. A passenger car equipped with the SaveCAP sensor system and prototype airbag will approach a cycling dummy. Just before the unavoidable impact, the system will trigger the airbag deployment.
More information about these projects can be found on and

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