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Copenhagen wants to become best bicycle town in the world


In 2015 Copenhagen will be known as the world’s Ecometropolis. Copenhagen will be the centre of world-wide climate policy, a green and blue town, clean and healthy. And bicycles will play a leading part in all of this.

This is the ambition formulated by the capital of Denmark for the near future. Currently 36 % of its inhabitants cycle to work and school. Cyclists demand more and wider bike paths, more green bicycle routes without motorised vehicles, green waves between traffic lights and better parking facilities, at their place of work as well, according to local authorities. By realising these facilities the percentage of commuting cyclists is intended to grow to 50 %. To this purpose the town will invest € 33 million over the next few years, hoping the percentage of people feeling safe on a bicycle will grow to 80 %.

The biennual Bicycle Account of Copenhagen.
Het schitterende - niet alleen qua uitvoering - fietsplan van Kopenhagen, 2002-2012. Een breed, integraal plan.
Dirk Ligtermoet (Ligtermoet & Partners, Gouda) , Fietsberaad
Comparison of bicycle policy in 5 Dutch bicycle towns (Groningen, Zwolle, Veenendaal, Enschede, Amsterdam) and 5 foreign towns (Copenhagen, Munster, Freiburg, Ghent and Odense). This document is moved.  Click here.
John Pucher and Ralph Buehler - Rutgers University , World Transport Policy and Practice, Dec. 2007
This article presents six detailed case studies of cycling in the Netherlands (Amsterdam and Groningen), Denmark (Copenhagen and Odense), and Germany (Berlin and Münster).
De tweejaarlijkse Bicycle Account van Kopenhagen.

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