Pascal van den Noort

Executive Director bij Velo Mondial

Pascal J.W. van den Noort, (1950) is a conceptual thinker and Executive Director of Master Plan BV with brands like Velo Mondial, Velo.Info, Pas-Port to Mobility, Pas-Port to Cycling, [With a Dutch Touch], Amsterdam Taxi Award, 'Low Lijn, Water Walking Path and Hanging Gardens'. 
_x000D_ Cycling was not the ‘hot mode of transport’ is has become today. Working in VELO.INFO he already laid the foundation for Pas-Port to Mobility and in Spicycles the cities of Barcelona, Berlin, Bucharest, Gothenburg, Ploiesti and Rome made huge strides in improving their cycling policy and policy implementation. Their results can be found in his publication: ‘Cycling on the rise’.
_x000D_ For CiViTAS MIMOSA he worked with Bologna, Funchal, Gdansk, Tallinn and Utrecht integrating cycling planning in the cities’ sustainable urban mobility planning. He produced and published thematic videos on urban mobility where cycling plays an important role as well as the highly succesful book "Enabling Cycling Cities; Ingredients for Success".

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In Safer BraIn he focused on the position of vulnerable road users in Sao Paulo, Braziland Pune, India.

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In 2014 he started with VeloCitta, a project to improve the social acceptance and the technical improvement of Bicycle Share Systems in Gdansk, Szeged, Padua, Burgos, Southwark and Lambeth in London.
_x000D_ He is developing a portal on sustainable urban mobility planning 'Pas-Port to Mobility', supporting cities that want to integrate cycling planning in their urban mobility planning.

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