World Map on Bike-sharing

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  • Datum:02-05-2011

The map of Europe already displays an impressive number of locations where bicycle rental systems are operative. But these increasingly appear outside Europe as well. Only the Netherlands are still a blank spot.

The Bike-sharing World Map is to be found on the internet and kept up-to-date by The Bike-sharing Blog. The map displays a high concentration in Europe, with many green bicycles in Germany, France and Spain. But also in countries like Belgium, Great Britain, Italy and Austria the phenomenon is advancing. Outside Europe these bikes may be found on almost all continents. In addition to the US and Canada South-America, Australia and China have rental bikes as well.
In the Netherlands we do not have rental bikes. According to some bicycle experts that kind of system would not be of much use, in view of the high bicycle density in the country. Moreover there is OV-fiets, which would meet part of the demand. OV-fiets is carrying out a very modest rental bike pilot project in Haarlem, where the bicycle may be hired for short periods at a couple of locations – even outside the train station. A trial with a number of restrictions, as a subscription to OV- Fiets is required. So far it is therefore not yet successful.
As far as we know there are no other towns with plans for rental bike projects. With the possible exception of Rotterdam, where according to several suppliers of ‘electronic bicycle stands’ there are as yet undisclosed plans for setting up a rental bike system.

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World Map on Bike-sharing

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