Vélib continues

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:10-05-2009

The Paris bicycle rental project Vélib is set to expand with another 300 stations and 300 bicycles. That will bring the total to 21,000 bicycles. The vandalism will be tackled by developing a new bicycle.

  • Vélib threatened to run into problems because a considerable number of bicycles was being vandalised. However, the Bike Europe website now reports that there is a new agreement between JCDecaux and Paris authorities, stipulating that the authorities will be paying more for vandalised bicycles. The expansion of the network - for the first time beyond city limits - will cost Paris 8 million Euro. JCDecaux will pay labour costs, local authorities the infrastructure.

  • We werken aan een nieuwe reactiemodule. Het plaatsen van reacties is daardoor tijdelijk uitgeschakeld.

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