Test rides provide better image to electric bicycle

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:10-10-2011

&In recent years the electric bicycle has begun a steady advance. Yet there are a number of prejudices against this type of bicycle: approximately 42% of the Dutch think it is meant for the elderly or people with physical handicaps. In addition there are only few people willing to venture into a bicycle shop to ask for a test ride on an electric bicycle. But those that do, are positive.

In order to experience the convenience of an electric bicycle, manufacturer Gazelle organised test rides in the Netherlands over the past few months. In order to obtain immediate data on the effects of these test rides, an impact assessment was conducted. To that purpose questions were not only asked before and after the test ride, but also during the ride. In that way the cycling experience could be measured. This demonstrated a remarkable change, Gazelle reports. Overall 70% of respondents notice at the start of a test ride that an electric bicycle rides (much) better than a normal bicycle. The longer they sit on the bicycle, the more convinced they become. By the end of the test ride no fewer than 90% state that the bicycle rides (much) better. Approximately 60% also indicates a willingness to buy such a bicycle in future. After a test ride almost 6 out of every 10 Dutchmen say they would cycle more with an electric bicycle and of these 43% say that would be due to the ease in cycling longer distances. Some 20% would do that because electric cycling is more fun and 10% would cycle more regularly because it is healthy.

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Test rides provide better image to electric bicycle

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