Squeezing more bikes into a metre

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:04-03-2013

The X-fiX is a proposition serious enough for the Den Haag municipality to support a trial in guarded bike parking lots. Its handlebar can be turned, thus allowing more bikes to be stored per metre of parking space.

The testing ground is the bike parking lot located next to the The Hague's city hall as well as a lot near the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. The X-fix is an ingenious system devised by its creators Luc Meuwese and Maarten Pronk, to rotate the handlebar a quarter turn. As a result more bikes can fit in a bike parking lot or less space is taken up in a shed or hallway. In parking lots designed to hold X-fiX bikes, an extra 13 bikes can be parked in a 10-metre stretch of bike rack. The X-fiX is controlled by a central lever on the handlebar. A new version with a ball head is being developed to allow an X-fiX to be mounted on bikes with an adjustable handlebar.

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Squeezing more bikes into a metre

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