SnappCar for the bicycle

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:01-10-2013

Whether it will become a success in the Netherlands remains to be seen

The Spinlister scheme resembles that employed by SnappCar for cars, a system that is operating in various large Dutch cities. Via SnappCar you can rent out your car at your own rates. According to SnappCar, 3686 cars have been made available for renting in the Netherlands in this manner.
Spinlister ( does the same for bicycles. Through this scheme, 1500 bicycles can be rented in the Unites States. Dutch bicycle owners can already be found the website. One can rent an omafiets (“Granny bicycle”) for $11 per day and a VAN MOOF commuter bicycle for $20 per day. A special App makes searching easier.

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SnappCar for the bicycle

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