RAI: New cabinet should aim for modern Bicycle Council

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:02-08-2012

A new cabinet must quickly come up with a vision for the city of the future, thereby providing a framework within which local governments can give form to their land policy. The bicycle must assume a central role within this framework for only then can cities remain accessible in the future. This is what the RAI foundation, the Dutch Association for the Auto and Cycling Industry, states. The RAI asks political parties to devote attention to this during the September elections for a new cabine

Urban areas will grow closer together and become more heavily populated in the future. This development puts pressure on roadways but also on parking spaces, for instance. Urbanization has in addition consequences for the quality of air. In order for these areas to avoid traffic deadlock, two-wheeled vehicles (bicycle, moped, motorcycle) will be more broadly deployed. They will play a crucial role in promoting accessibility and commuting within urban areas, according to the RAI.
The association states that the central government must provide handholds by which local governments can develop their land and environmental policies. Urban area governments must approach mobility and cycling from the same common vision. This is essential in the case of a cycling policy, according to the RAI, which calls on the new cabinet to include an integrated vision on two-wheeled vehicles in its government manifesto so that local governments can work according to the same foundation.

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RAI: New cabinet should aim for modern Bicycle Council

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