Personal approach convinces Londoners of advantages bicycle

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:23-03-2009

A personal approach appears to be successful in getting people to cycle. In the London borough of Sutton mobility advisors went knocking on doors. Bicycle use increased by 50 per cent.

  • The three-year, five-million pound sterling campaign started in September 2007. The aim was to convince Sutton residents that there are more sustainable modes of transport besides cars. Ignorance of public transport and cycling possibilities was supposed to cause many people to use their cars.
    With this message the mobility advisors visited 70,000 households, 66% of which could be reached. Of these, 70% requested more information. In addition the campaign was aimed at employers and schools, among other things to facilitate the implementation of better bicycle facilities there. Moreover courses were organised to improve cycling skills.
    This approach led to a 50 per cent increase in bicycle use. At the same time protected bicycle parkings were realised, leading to a 17 per cent reduction in bicycle theft. The number of people using the bus in Sutton has increased by 13 per cent since the start of the programme. And the number of trips driving children to school decreased by 6 per cent in participating schools.

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Personal approach convinces Londoners of advantages bicycle

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