Open data map shows locations with high risk of bike theft

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  • Datum:28-07-2014

An interactive map produced by the Rotterdam police, using &'open data&' statistics.

The map provides exact information on the number and location of bike thefts, including the time of day and the type (bikes or scooters). Information is available on when and where bikes are stolen in your own street.

The project was set up by Vers Beton, an online magazine in Rotterdam, and uses open data information from the Rotterdam police for the years 2011 – 2013. The police registered almost 10,000 thefts in public areas (roads and open zones).

For instance, the map shows up risky locations, such as the Coolsingel with its many shops and the Prins Alexanderlaan, where schools and train and metro stations are to be found). Other unsafe places: Nieuwe Binnenweg, Blaak and Bergweg.

The Piaggio brand (both bikes and scooters) is a favourite target for thieves.

What is noticeable, is that the riskiest location changes during the day. In the morning hours, the Coolsingel is most theft prone, in the afternoon attention turns to the Schouwburgplein, while in the evening hours the risk is highest in the Bergselaan. At night, there is no riskier place than the Prins Alexanderlaan. Early morning is the favourite time for thieves to strike.

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Open data map shows locations with high risk of bike theft

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