Online cycling coach to give commuters a helping hand

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:19-08-2013

Following the summer, the province of Noord Brabant will try to entice commuters out of the car with a Cycling Coach and an incentive scheme.

This is the B-Riders project launched by the Ministry of Environment and Infrastructure and the province of North Brabant. The idea is to have commuters log onto the B-Riders website to download the smartphone app with which they can set personal targets such as cycling twice per week or burning up 300 kCal per ride. Whoever mounts the bike must log onto the site to register the ride. The B-Rider Cycling Coach then keeps track of all kilometres ridden while giving feedback and encouragement.

For those commuting to work with the e-bike, there is an incentive scheme allowing participants to earn back part of the purchasing costs of the e-bike through a compensation for each kilometre ridden. Those who ride 15 km to work twice a week earn € 5.40. The more kilometres one cycles, the higher the amount per kilometre paid in compensation. The initiative kicks off at the end of August and runs until December 2014. A promotional film has already been made.

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Online cycling coach to give commuters a helping hand

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