Odense re-invents itself

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:24-10-2011

Increasing numbers of cities make room for bicycles, when Citybranding is concerned. The Danish town of Odense has done this before, but is currently radically updating its image.

The new image of Odense is not merely a new name and payoff, but also a new visual identity. Cycling is more than traffic and traffic regulations, according to local authorities. Nowadays it is also about fun and lifestyle, which causes many cities in Denmark to adjust their branding to reflect this new image. So far Odense has been promoting itself as Cycle City Odense, the city with numerous cyclists and bicycle facilities. That name has been changed: Odense is now called City of Cyclist. Accompanied by a promotional video emphasising style. A new house-style has been developed as well which will be used for a large-scale campaign involving social media like Facebook over the next three years.

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Odense re-invents itself

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